Trophies of a lifetime thanks to Oxford Safaris. I recently took down a Cape Buffalo and two world class trophies with the help of Oxford Safaris. The Cape buffalo fell within 25 yards after only one shot. The gemsbok and waterbuck also required only one shot and fell within site. I hope to return soon to complete my collection.

david longmann

David Longmann

New Philadelphia, OH

In sum, Oxford Safaris provided me with the experience of a lifetime.  The camaraderie, the professionalism, the attention to detail and the transparency throughout allow me to recommend Oxford Safaris, without reservation.  The hardest part about this trip was saying “goodbye” to Tino and Cindy (and the rest of the wonderful people who made the experience so phenomenal).

jeffery cremona

Jeffery Cremona

Louisiana, USA

I cannot say enough about the Oxford Safaris. I was headed to SA for my first time and had no idea of what to expect, when I arrived in South Africa. The hospitality of the Oxford Safaris Team was beyond my expectations. The PH was very professional and knowledgeable of the area and terrain. As were the trackers who are important to the hunt. They were very knowledgeable and very eager to please. The food was excellent, and the cook was friendly as well. I was very happy with my whole experience at Oxford Safaris. I would not change a thing, and I am going to revisit. My only question is, what to hunt next year??


Johnn Mc Farland

Talking Rock, GA

WOW…….. what an amazing weekend and a very special hunt where two hunters got their first kills, Eckart got a Blesbuck and Jorick a Kudu Cow, It was very special for Zak the dad of Eckart and a very proud moment. We had an extremely successful hunt this past weekend with a Trophy Kudu Bull in the mix.

We as the hunting party would just like to say to Oxford Safaris a MASSIVE thank you for such an amazing time and nothing short but brilliant facilities and hospitality.

Please share with the staff at Oxford our appreciation for all their hard work. The trackers Jim, Prop and Ellias were great, we had some good fun and laughs in the bush, It was truly an amazing weekend. The skinners also did an awesome job and thank you to them for all their hard work as well ensuring that our carcasses are in good shape ready for transport.

Then to Jaco, Thank you so much for the hospitality and all the stories around the camp fire and allowing us the opportunity to get what we came for. All his driving up and down to come fetch the animals and the amazing photos’ of all the kills were just beyond treasured memories.

We will definitely be back at Oxford next year for another hunt as I feel I have found MY farm for hunting.

Just to close off we had such a successful hunt with the following being taken down.
Gert – 2 Blouwildebees, 1 Cow one Bull and a vlakvark
Zak / Eckart – 2 Blesbuck, 1 Gemsbuck, 1 Blouwildebees
Jorick – 1 Kudu Cow
Sean – 1 Trophy Kudu Bull and 1 Blouwildebees Cow

Although Zak was not able to get his wounded blouwildebees we have arranged that should they find it and shoot it he will drive up to Oxford and come fetch his meat.

All in all it was brilliant with Carcass weight when we left on Sunday sitting at a good 670kg of meat between all the hunters.

Then to you and Tino for all the arrangement and your willingness to always answer our questions as and when we had them, Thank you so much for all the arrangements and ensuring everything runs smoothly on our hunting weekend,

Have an awesome day and hunting season further and be sure to keep me a weekend next year as we will definitely be back at Oxford for another hunt.

gert green